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FC Bronnen and FC Sudstern will be suspended until the end of January

FC Bronnen and FC Sudstern will be suspended until the end of January

Junior football

After a fight on the pitch: FC Bronnen and FC Südstern have been suspended until the end of January

The dispute after the cup match has consequences: from now until January 31, 2024, the two junior teams have been excluded from all Swiss Football Association competitions.

After the cup match in Brunnen, there was a clash between A-Juniors FC Brunnen and FC Südstern Luzern. The Swiss Indoor Football Association (IFV) has now reached conclusions: After “extensive clarifications”, the Competitions Committee’s Sanctioning Committee has decided to exclude the two teams from all IFV competitions with immediate effect and until January 31, 2024. This is what was stated in a statement on Thursday.

There were unpleasant scenes at the Schuler-Meyer Football Stadium in Brunnen after a cup match for the A-Juniors.

Photo: Jorg Auf der Maur

Therefore, they are not allowed to compete in the championship, cup or indoor games. FC Pronen will have five matches remaining until the end of the autumn round, and FC Sudstern Lucerne will have one more match. Furthermore, the matches played by both teams so far in the tournament were counted as a draw, 0-0 goals and 0 points. Both clubs also have to pay a fine of 300 francs. Additional individual penalties for players will be followed by a detailed review of all existing videos.

The statement continued: “The Swiss Central Football Association does not accept such violent violations in any form.” IFV requires etiquette and mutual respect from all people participating in the game. (abbot)