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Poll madness in Austria: The Beer Party got 12%, ahead of the ÖVP

Poll madness in Austria: The Beer Party got 12%, ahead of the ÖVP

Demands beer fountains in Vienna: Poll madness in Austria: Beer Party finally reaches 12 percent and leads ÖVP

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The next state elections are scheduled to be held in the Austrian capital, Vienna, in the fall of 2025. There’s also: a beer party. In a new poll, the percentage reached 12%, exceeding the conservative ÖVP party.

A beer fountain for Vienna, a monthly supply of beer for Austrian families, a tax on cyclists and “other cruelties”. With these and other demands, the Austrian Beer Party enters the election campaign for the Vienna State Parliament. The next elections will be held there in the fall of 2025. In the last elections three years ago, the party received 1.8%.

A new study now suggests that this outcome could increase significantly. The group led by party leader and rock singer Dominik Velazny, known by his stage name Marco Bogo, scored 12 percent in the poll conducted by the Austrian newspaper “Heute.” It remains in third place, ahead of the conservative ÖVP party.

The leader of the Al-Bireh Party received 8 percent in the federal presidential elections

Velazny had already competed in the 2022 federal presidential election campaign against Alexander van der Bellen, among others, where he scored points with his supporters with his fresh nature and young age (35 years old). In the elections, he received 8 percent and thus 337 thousand votes, and was defeated only by Van der Bellen and Walter Rosenkranz of the right-wing populist FPÖ party.

Vienna has been dominated for decades by the Social Democratic Party SPÖ, which received 41.6% in the last election. Behind them stands the Freedom Party of Austria, which has increasingly managed to outperform the conservative Austrian People’s Party in recent elections.

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