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Plaza de Mayo’s mothers and grandmothers are honored in Argentina – Brenza Latin

On the eve of the 45th anniversary of the 1976 conspiracy, the president praised the number of women who have gone missing without fear, with more than 30,000 prisoners missing. Bloody dictatorships.

In the evening, Fernandez recognized the struggle of human rights defenders with the recently established award, Tatty Almeida, President of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo-Linea Fundadora; Estella de Carlotto, grandmother of Plaza de Mayo; And Lita Poytano, relatives of those who went missing and detained for political reasons.

The President recalled that in those years of tragedy (1976-1983) a group of women had driven themselves into great solitude with courage, driven by love from their children, and for that reason alone they were and were immense.

As a role model for mothers and grandmothers, she pointed out that I am very pleased to have my signature (Vice President) Christina Fernandez on this award.

In the opinion of the President, it is about recognizing a community with memory, who, in the midst of the Argentine tragedy, knew that they had the courage that society lacks.

The head of state addressed those young people who had grown up in a democracy, asking them to remember that the abuses were not only ideological, but that they took the lives of innocent people who were paid only to think differently.

While taking to the ground, the best fighter Daddy Almeida dedicated the award to his son, 30 thousand missing, who this year will remember the date of planting trees in different parts of the country, as a symbolic gesture to sow life.

Some mothers and grandmothers are left, but there are young people, to whom we cross the stick, they are our hope and peace, we know they will always fight, despite the canes and wheelchairs they still stand.

For her part, Estella de Carlotto pointed out that they were the saddest part of Argentina’s history and called on us to put aside differences and work for unity, because all Argentines live in the same country.

Likewise, the memory must not be lost, the absolute truth must be achieved, because there is still to be resolved, and justice must still be determined by the weight of the law.

Finally, Lita Poytano stressed that the diligence of mothers and grandmothers was to fight each other as best she could from the very beginning, and that events like 1976 would never happen again in Argentina.

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