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“Petrol and food”: US: There are problems with supply to Russia

“Petrol and Food”
USA: There are problems with supply to Russia

It is not clear to the US Department of Defense why Russia is facing logistical problems in attacking Ukraine. However, the Pentagon believes there will be a shortage of fuel and food to supply the Armed Forces.

According to US defense officials, Russian troops were having trouble getting food for their own soldiers when they invaded Ukraine. A Pentagon spokesman in Washington said: “There are (…) signs that they are having trouble delivering their troops – they have no gas, but no food.” Overall, the Russians have not made any major progress in their offensive recently. Logistics issues are a factor, but the resistance of the Ukrainian armed forces is probably greater than the Russian side expected.

“Some of these groups are showing signs of declining morale because they do not anticipate the opposition they will face,” a U.S. Defense Department official said. Russian troops may have taken a kind of break at their own discretion to re-integrate and re-integrate and reconsider their own strategy.

He stressed that Russian troops would certainly adapt and try to face the challenges. The attack started a few days ago. In addition, Russia has large military resources. A Pentagon official said more than 80 percent of the troops Russia had previously concentrated on the border were now inside Ukraine, according to US estimates. It is not clear why Russia faces such logistical problems in the military offensive and whether errors in the planning or operation of the attack are to blame.

When asked repeatedly about information and sources based on information about the problems on the Russian side, the Pentagon spokesman did not openly comment. He will not make any public statement about this. He said the United States believed it had fired a total of more than 400 missiles since Russian troops launched an attack on Tuesday morning (US East Coast time), up from 380 the previous day. There is no evidence that Belarusian forces occupied Ukraine.