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Strong Storms – Flood Disaster Rate in Australia – News

  • According to the Australian Prime Minister, severe flooding in eastern Australia is leading to a “crisis situation”.
  • Hundreds of people in the state of New South Wales were waiting for help on the roofs of their homes on Monday evening (local time) and more than 50,000 homes were without electricity.
  • The forecast for extreme weather is a slow-moving low pressure area – meteorologists predict more rainfall.

Many, especially around the town of Lismore in the state of New South Wales, ran from the rapidly rising water level to the roofs of their homes. There they were eagerly waiting for help, said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Lismore Mayor Steve Creek described the situation as “life threatening”. It is no exaggeration to say that it was a disaster. More than 15,000 people have been evacuated from the region. The mayor said the Australian news agency AAP said, “We have never seen anything like this here.

It had been raining heavily for a few days before that. The trigger for extreme weather is a low pressure area that moves only slowly. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke about a “crisis situation” and wanted to consult with the country’s emergency authorities on how to proceed. He promised financial and logistical assistance to the victims. According to the media, pessimistic scenes played out. Many Australians shed tears.

There is no relaxation in the view situation

According to Broadcast 9 News, several rescue workers tried to evacuate people from the roofs of the night before in a very difficult situation. “Dozens of people are trapped in the water – they will not be able to escape unless they are rescued by boat,” the broadcaster said. Some residents drilled holes in the roofs – the only way to escape when their homes were flooded. Sometimes the water is up to the ceiling.

Regional Prime Minister Dominic said there were “many worrying reports” from people in need in the region. “I urge those currently isolated to be patient and hope we do everything we can to help you.”

The situation has not yet calmed down: meteorologists have forecast more rain for the next few days. Sydney, Australia’s largest city, was also hit by floods recently – the hottest summer in the metropolis in 30 years, according to experts.

Australia has been particularly hard hit by climate change. By mid-January, large parts of the Town Under were still sweating under the merciless heat. In the west of the country, values ​​above 50 degrees have been recorded in some cases.