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Peter Maffay: Mourning an old friend

Peter Maffay: Mourning an old friend

He is not only seen as the inventor of “Tapaloga”, but also a true rock legend. Peter Maffay (73) He is of all absolute specializations and has recently been convinced of the new role.The voice of GermanyThe coach. The fact that the musician is doing such a good job as a coach is no surprise to his friends and family. After all, Peter Maffay’s great passion is helping others.

At a young age: In the video above we show you what Peter Maffay looked like in the late 1960s.

Even though the 73-year-old has been on the stage for more than 50 years with 20 number one albums and more than 50 million records sold, the singer has never lost his down-to-earth attitude. He owes his humility above all to his close friend and manager, with whom Peter Maffay had to say goodbye with a heavy heart.

Peter Maffay: After 52 years, he had to say goodbye to his manager

As reported by Bild, among other things, Mavai’s longtime companion Dieter Wehring died at the age of only 79 as a result of cancer. big loss to Inventor of “Tapaloga”who is said to have worked alongside Viering as a team for over 52 years.

Peter Maffay: Moves you to tears with emotional farewell lines

So it’s no wonder that Peter Maffay found touching words for his friend and manager when saying goodbye. Peter Maffay wrote a very apt line online his last hit “So bist du” down, who wanted to pay his last respects to Dieter Wehring: “And when you go, only a part of you goes.” We’re sure the 73-year-old didn’t shed a tear when he saw the line in the song.