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Done for Christina Loft?  A meaningful statement raises questions

Done for Christina Loft? A meaningful statement raises questions

Let’s Dance: Christina can’t make any comments about the upcoming season

Christina’s followers ask her, among other things, If she already knew which celebrities would be dancing to “Let’s Dance” next year. It soon becomes clear that she is insistent No ready answer she has. It also appears that the 32-year-old doesn’t know whether or not she’ll be one of the dancers in Season 16:

I’m just as curious as you! zI can’t answer any of your questions about me and next seasonbut I’m honored you’ll be looking forward to another season with me if that’s the case!

Oh dear, this mysterious formula is not convincing at all. And as if that wasn’t worrying enough, Luca Hänni’s fiancé is taking it one step further. A fan asked the 32-year-old if she was afraid of starting over despite all the positive things in her life. Christina says she’s not afraid of anything in private Regarding her job, she says she’s not sure:

But I really hope I can still get off to a good start professionally.

This is normal now Big room for speculation. Maybe Dancer is just keeping up with the excitement and doesn’t want to spoil too much about the new season. We’re definitely crossing our fingers so we can see Christina’s amazing dance performances again next year!

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