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Out for Credit Suisse’s “Monitor Switzerland” programme.

Out for Credit Suisse’s “Monitor Switzerland” programme.

Following the restructuring of equity research into wealth management at UBS and Credit Suisse, duplication of overall publications has now also been eliminated.

The latest edition of Credit Suisse’s (CS) macro assessment of the state of the Swiss economy was truly the last. The finale was announced in the post released on Tuesday.

“This is the latest edition of Monitor Switzerland,” says the chief economist. Daniel Kalt (UPS) and Claude Maurer (CS) Writing the editorial.

Joint message

Customers have also been informed accordingly. “For nearly two decades, Credit Suisse’s global CIO has been providing you with publications on investment research, investment strategy and economics,” CS investment chiefs wrote. Burkhard Farenholt And Mark HeffelCIO of UBS Global Wealth Management (GWM), together in a letter, on behalf of the Swiss Stock Exchange newspaper “Finance and Economics” (Paid article) reported.

In the next few days, the posts will be converted to the UBS equivalent, “UBS House View.”

Economic forecasts have been revised

The economic forecasts of the two institutes have already been aligned. CS and UBS now expect GDP growth of 0.7% for 2023 and 0.9% for next year 2024.

Last week, UBS stock research was released to CS-GWM clients and its special offers were also discontinued mentioned. According to the agency “Annual working period” It is possible that some Swiss analyzes of computer science research will continue under new names, the Chambers said.

Numerous reports are on the brink

Upon request, UBS does not provide any precise information about which reports and forecasts will be consolidated or discontinued. This can affect, for example, the Superannuation Funds Index (CS) and Superannuation Funds Investment Performance (UBS) or the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) and the CS-CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) Index.

But CS certainly won’t provide annual forecasts for 2024.

Is it still worth investing in growth stocks or value stocks?

  • Yes, sure, the two sets of stocks always behave in opposite directions.

  • Yes, but always with a certain degree of caution.

  • Growth and value stocks are neither inherently good or bad.

  • A good combination of both is best.

  • It’s all about choice.