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Three classes: ITA Airways also offers true premium economy on the Airbus A321 LR

Three classes: ITA Airways also offers true premium economy on the Airbus A321 LR

It is now clear on which route the Italian airline will use its first aircraft, the Airbus A321 LR. The cabin layout is also popular. ITA Airways causes surprise.

He has been wearing the ITA Airways colors since July. The Airbus A321 LR with serial number 11561 is currently receiving its finishing touches in Hamburg-Finkenwerder. It will soon be delivered to the Italian airline.

From December 1st it will be in use. In any case, flights with the new aircraft can already be booked for dates from now on, as Twitter user Airlineflyer pointed out. A special feature appears. You can choose from three classes on the A321 LR: Business Class, Economy and Premium Economy.

Flat bed in business class

Business class has twelve seats in a 1-1 configuration. ITA has been known for some time to use a business class on its Airbus A321 LR aircraft, where the seats can be converted into flat beds, as is the case on long-haul flights. But it had not yet been announced that Lufthansa’s future branch was also planning a real premium economy.

Business class seat map for Airbus A321 LR from ITA Airways. picture. ETA Airlines

According to the seating plan, the middle class also has twelve seats. They stand in Genesis 2-2. Such a symptom is still very rare. ITA Airways did not want to comment further on the seats when asked. It is only said that details will be announced next week.

Distinctive economic seating plan.

Other destinations in the Middle East and Africa

There will also be 141 economy class seats in a classic 3-3 seat arrangement. This year, ITA Airways will take delivery of just one A321 LR aircraft. Further versions of the longest-range A321 to date are expected in 2024. The Italians have ordered a total of nine aircraft.

The first route served by ITA Airways with an Airbus A321 LR will be from Rome to Tel Aviv. The airline also has other destinations in the Middle East and Africa for its aircraft. The range is insufficient for transatlantic flights from Italy.