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Scarlett Johansson turns her lawyer against OpenAI

Scarlett Johansson turns her lawyer against OpenAI

In 2013, Scarlett Johansson lent her voice to artificial intelligence in the sci-fi film “Her.” Photo: AP

Scarlett Johansson's lawyers are demanding that OpenAI reveal why an AI chatbot's voice sounds similar to a Hollywood actress.

Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson is calling on the inventor of ChatGPT OpenAI to explain why the company's AI voice is so similar to her own. Johansson said in a statement published by NPR that her lawyers wrote two letters to OpenAI and the company's president, Sam Altman.

The actress confirmed that ChatGPT's voice, which was recently heard at a show, was “uncannily similar” to her own that even her closest friends and journalists couldn't tell the difference. OpenAI responded that the basis of the AI's voice were sentences spoken by another actress, and were never intended to sound like Johansson.

The now-public dispute explains why OpenAI announced Monday night that it would temporarily get rid of the sound called “Sky.”

Johansson described that Altman contacted her in September last year and offered to use her distinctive voice as the basis for ChatGPT's AI voice. After careful consideration, I declined for personal reasons.

The role of the speaker in the artificial intelligence film “She”

The show has a history: A decade ago in “Her,” Johansson took on the role of spokesman for an artificial intelligence program in which the protagonist, played by Joaquin Phoenix, falls in love. After a demo on Monday of last week focused on ChatGPT's amazing ability to carry a conversation, Altman himself sought the comparison: he wrote on the online platform .

Johansson wrote on Monday that she was “shocked and angry” when she heard the AI ​​voice from the OpenAI demo. Clarifying the circumstances is important. Especially in times when society is facing real and fraudulent deepfakes, there is a need for transparency and effective laws to protect the personal rights of individuals. It's about “protecting our image, our work and our own identities.”

Five new ChatGPT voices

“Sky” was introduced to ChatGPT in September 2023 along with four other sounds – “Breeze”, “Cove”, “Ember” and “Juniper”. Only with the new GPT-4o AI model should a chatbot be able to have a truly flowing conversation.

The five voices are based on sentences spoken by people for OpenAI. The company said in a post on its blog that they were selected from more than 400 applications from film and theater actors. OpenAI does not mention their names – “to protect their privacy,” it explains.



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