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Deal of the Day – Cordless Hand and Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Deal of the Day – Cordless Hand and Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum easier

Samsung Jet 85 Complete Cordless Hand and Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming is tedious and painful. Not so with the Samsung Jet 85 Complete. This easy-to-use cordless vacuum cleaner gives you up to 60 minutes of cleaning time on a charged battery (with a charging time of just 210 minutes).

With its large capacity of 800 milliliters and innovative five-layer filtration system, the vacuum cleaner not only reduces the risk of allergies, but also ensures a deeply clean and fresh environment.

The special “Slim Action” LED brush is ideal for precise cleaning of hard floors, while the “Pet Tool + Brush” attachment easily and effectively removes pet hair from all surfaces. Make cleaning your home efficient and stress-free – perfect for pet owners and allergy sufferers!

Post delivery: May 29, 2024

Your boxing team

Cordless hand and stick vacuum cleaner

Samsung Jet 85 Complete (VS20C8524TB/WA)

  • Suction power up to 210W and battery life up to 60 minutes
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN – 180 degree rotating suction head
  • Thanks to the five-layer filtration system, the risk of allergies is reduced
  • LED Slim Action Brush – Smart cleaning for hard floors
  • Pet Tool + Brush effectively picks up pet hair anywhere

Samsung Jet 85 Complete sets new standards in terms of cleanliness and technology. With leading features and smart performance, this vacuum cleaner will turn your home into a pure oasis. The digital inverter motor generates suction power of up to 210W. The Jet Multi Cyclone's 27 air inlets ensure optimal air path and minimize suction loss. This separates even fine dust particles from the air and ensures a high level of air cleanliness. The Jet 85 Complete (580W) combines two vacuums in one slim, ergonomic design. As a portable vacuum cleaner, it can be used, for example, for high storage surfaces. This combination makes it easy to clean different areas in one go, saving valuable time.

Powerful cleaning

Effectively clean different types of floors with maximum suction power. The digital inverter motor generates suction power of up to 210W. The aerodynamic design of the air system optimizes airflow, while the multi-cyclone air filter efficiently captures fine dust particles. The engine is also light and therefore better controllable.

Hexajet engine

EFFECTIVE CLEANING WITH POWERFUL SUCTION – The lightweight yet powerful HexaJet motor features an innovative design that improves airflow and efficiency, plus a 10-year parts warranty. It is compact and lightweight, yet spins at up to 135,000 RPM and produces input power of up to 580W and suction power of up to 210W.

Hurricane Jet

Enjoy clean air and powerful suction with the Jet Cyclone System's highly efficient Multi-Cyclone technology. The nine cyclones with 27 air inlets ensure optimal airflow, effectively separating it from dust and dirt, thus ensuring long-lasting suction power.

Multi-stage filtration system

The sucked air is filtered by a multi-stage filtration system. First, the metal mesh filter captures coarse dust. In addition, the Jet-Cylone collects fine dust using the micro filter and the fine dust filter ultimately absorbs up to 99.99% of fine dust. This means that many fine particles and allergens, such as pet allergens, are filtered out of the air being sucked in.

Pet tool + against animal hair

Easily remove pesky pet hair from carpets, sofas, beds and mattresses with this special pet hair brush. The Motorized Pet Tool+ is adapted to pick up pet hair that is often easy to miss. The suction performance of the rotating brush is improved by the combination of rubber nozzle and bristles. The Pet Tool+ has a V-shaped brush that collects hair for easy self-cleaning with the clipper in the middle. This can prevent pet hair from wrapping around the brush and getting tangled.