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“Our country is on its knees.”

Donald Trump, former President of the United States. Photo: Andrew Hornick/AP/dpa


In his first public appearance since the end of his tenure in the US capital, Washington, former President Donald Trump accused the current US administration of being a failure.

“Quite simply, we made America great again,” Trump said. “But now our country has really been brought to its knees – who would have thought it could happen,” Trump said in a keynote address on Tuesday afternoon (local time).

He mentioned high inflation and high fuel prices as examples, but he focused his speech on the topic of internal security. “Our country and the lives of our citizens are at stake and we have no time to waste. Our country is in a state of crime the likes of which we have never experienced,” he said — without backing it up with numbers.

Trump delivered his speech at a conference held at the America First Policy Institute, a think tank formed by former election officials to promote Trump’s policies. It will be his first appearance in Washington since leaving the capital ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration following a January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol.