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Woman who brought sandwiches to Australia – fined hundreds of dollars

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Woman who traveled to Australia with half a sandwich – faces stiff fines

Jessica Lee on TikTok How a Sandwich Is Too Expensive for Her (Icon Image)

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An Australian had half a sandwich in his pocket when he flew home. Customs was not kind.

When Jessica Lee finally landed in her native Australia after a long flight from Greece with a stopover in Singapore, the 19-year-old was absolutely exhausted. “I thought: I have to go home, I have to go to bed.” She was on the road 24 hours a day. But after landing in Perth it became very expensive.

In a video on TikTok, the Australian claims to have bought a Subway sandwich before leaving Singapore. But she only ate half of the snack on the plane.

She should announce the remaining sandwich upon arrival. But the young lady didn’t think about it. When she was checked by customs, this resulted in a fine equivalent to 1800 euros.

“The Most Expensive Sandwich”

Jessica Lee told the Washington Post that it was “a very expensive sandwich.” After a long drive, she forgot half a sandwich in her bag, let alone that it was an obligatory item. That’s why she filled out the customs form incorrectly: “I thought it was for your luggage, I didn’t think about chicken and salad.”

But Australian authorities are very strict about what can and cannot be brought into the country. These arrangements are made to prevent the spread of epidemics and diseases. Accordingly, the customs were not kind to Lee either.

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When the officer told her the fine, she “cried and cried,” Lee says. Before the holidays, she resigned from her job.

Video wins on TikTok

In the end, though, the 19-year-old needn’t have worried. A TikTok video where she told her story also helped her. First, she wanted to make sure through the video “so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.” However, the clip was viewed thousands of times within hours, and 1.4 million people have now seen it.

The video also attracted international media attention and made news about it. That’s what Subway found when it bought Lee’s sandwich at the Singapore airport. The company sent Jessica Lee a voucher for the duty penalty amount. After all, she could eat a lot of sandwiches with it.

proof’s: Jessica Lee on TikTok / “Washington Post”