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Olympia 2021: Dark success, but two bright spots - three things that stood out in Germany against Saudi Arabia

Olympia 2021: Dark success, but two bright spots – three things that stood out in Germany against Saudi Arabia

Coach Stefan Koontz and captain Max Kroes sharpened the team’s senses: It was a final against Saudi Arabia, and that should be clear to everyone by now, they both said. You can’t even blame the lack of fighting spirit in the game. The German Football Association advanced three times. But goalkeeper Florian Muller had to catch behind him twice. The match ended 3:2 – and it clearly showed where Stefan Kuntz urgently needs to make improvements.

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Three things popped up:

Olympia – Football

Chance to win in the quarter-finals: This is how the German player’s victory over Saudi Arabia went

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1. The biggest problem: loopholes in defense

Two goals against Saudi Arabia – just unavoidable, and in this way almost unforgivable. In particular, the second goal, scored by both Sami Al-Naji, showed the vast spaces that the four defenders could not approach. Felix Udokhai was all too easily overlooked by Ittihad Jeddah’s Abdul Hamid – passing to Al Naji and his successful completion in the end was just a matter of form.

Sometimes the tick is too late, then too hesitant – more Benjamin Henrichs and Amos Pieper should also be expected. The uncertainty also became apparent when Pieper went to the fencing against Al Dosari with great force and saw the Saudi opportunity red card denied. The defensive department also showed how little time Stefan Koontz had before the tournament started to mentor team members and allow themselves to train. Zero routine, minimal formatting – Kuntz needs to work on this urgently.

Amos Bieber sees red after his scoring opportunity fails.

Fotocredit: Eurosport

2. Amiri and Agee are Germany’s bright spots

Fourth minute: Ragnar Ashi’s first chance with his head after the free kick by Al-Amiri. This is not accurate enough. 11th minute: A beautiful combination on the left, Amiri sees the difference in the sixteenth minute, free in front of goal – and the net. 43rd minute: Achi does it himself, uses a great pass from Pieper, initially failed in Saudi Arabia goalkeeper Al Yami, but he shoots in the sidelines.

Ragnar Ashi scores 2-1 for Germany against Saudi Arabia.

Fotocredit: Eurosport

The two German whirlwinds created a lot of power and both met in the first half. The offensive duo also knew how to continue to please the episode, and was in principle the only real bright spot in the mod’s acting structure. Amiri around the 55th minute, when he was victorious on the left side, he conjured a double and two on the green and shot past the penalty area from a sharp Wickel on the right. Wrench in the 74th minute, when he was almost free in front of the penalty area, but he narrowly missed.

Both scored in the first group match in 2:4 against Brazil, and they are the most consistent players in the German team to date. The two actors Stefan Koontz can count on. Pains Koontz was nominated just yet. The Eintracht Frankfurt striker has already proven to be a stroke of luck.

3. Big on the talk, (mostly) little on the field: Cruz is disappointed

Before the start of the tournament, Max Kreuz declared that the goal is nothing less than an Olympic victory: “Anything but a gold medal is not our goal.” Courageous, confident and commendable to move forward in this way. But so far there is not much to see about the dominance of Max Kroos’ self-confidence. Shot from the penalty area in the 37th minute – very harmless. His chance in the 55th minute – not used.

With a powerful corner kick from the right to Uduokhai, Kruse modeled the winning goal. But the 33-year-old, who has made 272 Bundesliga appearances and is familiar with the captain’s crest, lacks any presence on the pitch yet. There are no clear instructions to his teammates, no free matches, no unconditional fight for the ball. He’s not the only one – but he’s the one from whom one expects this behavior the most. Especially after word of mouth.

After the match, Kruse proved to be one of his greatest union side by side. With the ‘ARD’ microphone turned on, native Reinbeker proposed to his girlfriend at home.

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Olympia – Football

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