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Olympic Triathlon: Lucas Hollos is 34

Olympic Triathlon: Lucas Hollos is 34

After swimming 1.5 km, cycling 40 km, and running 10 km in 1:45:04 hours, the gold medal went to Norway’s Christian Blumenfelt, the silver to Britain’s Alex Yee, and the bronze to New Zealand’s Hayden Wilde.

Knabel is unlucky at the Olympics

Knabl was close to the front when he got involved in a fall with German Jonas Schaumburg, which ended with both landing at the bars. The Austrian tried to climb again, but the entire gearshift on the bike was stuck, he reported. “Only then did I notice that my foot was swollen. But I can step on it,” he disappointedly told APA-Austria Press.

According to preliminary investigations, no ligaments were injured or bones broken and the Austrian team can start the mixed relay. The right ankle is affected. Diagnosis by chief medical officer Joachim Westermaier revealed bruising and ankle strain. Knabl is now treated with lymphatic drainage, physical therapy and magnetic field.

A rare false start

The competition got off to a rare false start in swimming. Some athletes jumped into the first part of the competition very early in the not-cold water with a temperature of over 28 degrees. Boats of all kinds on the water, jet-skis, and even stand-up paddlers grabbed the group in a kind of pen and guided them back to the start at Odaiba Marine Park. On the second try, it went fine.

The Salzburg man explained that Holos was not among the false starts because there would still be boats in the water ahead of him if he wasn’t able to jump. “It took a long time before we started again. Wait, tension. I maxed out. Unfortunately, the race went so I lost a few seconds while swimming. I invested everything on the bike, and did a lot of driving because I didn’t get a lot of the support “.

Holos makes his way through

On the bike which was one of his best performances, while running he was able to catch some. “I fought to the end, but I still enjoyed every second, it was great.” In hot and humid conditions, the Austrians had good tactics ready. “While running, we had a great strategy of using ice cubes in our tights.”

He almost fell, too, because the Knabel incident occurred after harassment. “I entered the turn at full speed, barely managing to avoid a fall, my rear wheel was already cruising. I couldn’t see if Lewis was still there or just the bike. I rode him the next lap sitting to the side.” He hopes his teammate will cope well. Good and back in mixed competition.

Powerful swimmer Knabel came out of the water in 16th place, 16 seconds behind. In a cycling competition on an artificial road partially laid along the waterfront, a top group of nine quickly formed, Knabl was in the first group of pursuers, who quickly established contact.

(Those: APA)