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Nortorf: Finally More Room for Vinyl Treasures | - News

Nortorf: Finally More Room for Vinyl Treasures | – News

Status: 10/30/2021 6:00 AM

The Small Recording Museum in Nortorf has been around since 2002. The association has not had enough space for the collection for a long time, and now construction work is underway for the new museum in the Teldec boiler house.

by Lina Bundy

The floor, chairs and tables are covered in a thick layer of white dust. Stones and rubble fly through a lower pipe into a bowl. Construction workers just cut down some walls in the gallery – the old boiler house of the Teldec factory was flooded with light again.

Lutz Bertram still hangs on the wall with the building plans and smiles convinced. He is the president of the Museum Association and today with three members who follow the progress of construction work. “In terms of architecture, it will be a very elegant building, you can see even without its content. And with its content it will be extraordinary,” he says. There is an area of ​​800 square meters, spread over three levels. The planning and approval process took six years, and the state of Schleswig-Holstein funds the renovation in the amount of 750,000 euros.

I have worked at Teldec my whole life

While the chairman is very excited, Karl-Heinz Schumann is still heartbroken. He worked at Teldec for 40 years until it closed in 2009. “Dat weer mien tweete Wohnstuuv” (“That was my second living room.”)“I tied them all together. And the lights still on, my dad put in at the time,” he says, pointing to metal rods under the ceiling. But he says that, of course, it is wonderful that the boiler house is preserved. After all, almost all other buildings were demolished. “Now the paintings go back to their origins.”

Much more than just records

Certainly, nearly 100,000 records from jazz to tin have a prominent place in the audio archive, which visitors can browse for themselves. But the association has many exhibits in its collection. Old Teldec machines, for example. One of the sheet presses is already working again, waiting to be used under the tarpaulin. In addition, members are currently making dozens of turntables and playback devices from several decades that are fit again.

There is not enough space for a huge group

Most of the exhibits are currently in the Old Museum, within sight of the Boiler House. But nearly 70 square meters is by no means enough, although almost all of the panels are stocked by a shipping company in Newmunster. Therefore, the museum is currently inactive. It is hardly possible to enter.

Society members still like to make their way through nostalgic furniture and machinery, to the first turntables or chests of NDR records. In July, NDR 1 Welle Nord handed over its archive holdings to the association – 40,000 records must now be displayed – or allowed to be viewed.

Nothing beats vinyl

“I was shocked by the fans,” club member Klaus-Dieter Roehr admitted. “But there are true lovers out there.” And of course it is worn regularly. On the one hand, because it feels so special, Jochen Braun raves. But vinyl also makes a big difference in terms of quality: “In the car it might not depend on a song being streamed. But if you want to hear it better, more precisely, you make a recording.”

Dazzle for young and old

Perhaps one of the reasons for the popularity of vinyl again. Record sales have been increasing for years, as members of the Museum Association note that more young people are interested in them. Far from a dusty picture, from the living room of the seventies, to a purely modern museum.

Lutz Bertram declared: “We’re not playing digital canned foods, but originally taping, from 1904 to the present day.” It will now take some time for the new German Recording Museum to open in Nortorf, the chairman hopes in October 2022.

Additional information

It was owned by the NDR for 40 years, and now we have handed over our records – to the German Recording Museum in Nortorf. more

An old black and white photo showing several men on machines in the workshop © Lutz Bertram Photo: Lutz Bertram

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