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"It's about saving lives. The rest has no space »

“It’s about saving lives. The rest has no space »

30.10.2021 12:00

David Borg has been the captain of the Arau Fire Brigade for two and a half years. This makes him the first professional captain of a fire brigade in Aargau. The subject of modesty is especially important in Aarau.

arao An emergency call arrives at the operations center, as dozens of firefighters slide onto the fire pole into the coatroom. Moments later, everyone got dressed and left the fire station in the red emergency vehicle. This is how firefighters are portrayed in many films. But is this also true?

David Borg, captain of the Aarau fire brigade, can’t help but laugh and admit: “That’s not quite right anymore. The caretaker used to use the fire brigade to get downstairs quickly.”

It’s still quiet at the moment, but it’s rare this year. We usually have 180 to 190 assignments a year. But now we have reached more than 300 this year.” When asked about the upward trend to trace, the commanding officer had a clear answer: “The natural events this year were huge. In particular, the snow masses at the beginning of the year and heavy rains in the summer kept us on the our toes.” Other than that, fire alarm systems cover nearly 50 percent of operations.

As noted before, firefighting is only a small part of the job. To be precise, about 10 percent. This has become apparent in recent years, and on the other hand, it creates space for new tasks.

“More than just a hobby”

What particularly impresses underwriters about firefighters? “Intimate friendship. The feeling of being able to achieve something together. The fire brigade wasn’t just a hobby for me. Is it more than that? It is passion.” A passion that also includes suffering. “We also encounter stressful images, such as during a rescue mission in the streets.” But the Aarau fire brigade also has the right people for such situations: the peer team. A team made up of AdF, who stand by you in Such moments. Also called “emergency psychological assistance.” “They help us process these images and are very supportive. It’s hard to imagine life today without them,” says Borg.

With adrenaline to peak performance

The 46-year-old can still remember one assignment well. «The old town fire about two years ago. For me this was bordering on a horror scenario. “It hurts to see the old town burning. I have grown especially dear to the commander in recent years. Whenever they want to put out this fire. It is hard to describe what is going through his head. At this moment you have to act.” Thanks. Adrenaline, we hardly notice the fatigue and drive ourselves to peak performance.” But without the active support of nearby firefighters, the spread was hard to stop.

“No place for arrogance”

According to the commander, this support is also the great power. Cooperating with the warehouse, the city police have always worked great and they are confidently looking to the future. Even if “neighborhood aid” is legally installed in Aargau, you can count on 100% of the neighborhood firefighters. Even if you are a cantonal fire brigade, you remain humble in Aarau. ?

Humility pays off. This strategy is well received by residents and partners. “Our job is to save lives, and there is no room for games of power, arrogance, or personal preference,” emphasizes Borg. One here to work together for the general public. This is and will continue to be the goal of the Arao Fire Brigade in the future.

Written by Damien Seiler