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Nick Jagger is 36th at the European Cross Country Championships

Nick Jagger is 36th at the European Cross Country Championships

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A brave performance in the mud: Nick Jagger (Wednesday) completed the European Men’s Cross Country Running Championships for the first time. The 24-year-old Binzberger ran 9,000 meters in 31:30 minutes in Laeken Park in Brussels on Sunday. © Imago Images / Axel Koehring

It was Nick Jagger’s debut: for the first time, Penzberger competed in the European Men’s Cross Country Running Championships. There he impressed as the second best German.

Brussels – The hat depicting a gallant rooster dipped in tricolor was a rage in the fashion world. But Jan Schrupp didn’t care – he fearlessly put the ugly cloth on himself in the end zone.

The Frenchman probably thought that someone who had just won the European Cross Country Championships title could look really bad. In the previous race, on a very muddy track in Brussels’ Laeken Park within sight of the Atomium, Shrub put in an impressive figure.

Nick Jager is the second best German in the men’s race

By increasing the pace on the penultimate lap, the Frenchman (third in the 2022 European Championships in Munich for 10,000 metres) separated himself from his rivals at the top. He won confidently with a time of 30:17 minutes. In the end, Shrub still had enough time to grab the flag handed out by the crowd.

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Penzberger also put in a great performance at the height of the cross-country running season — even if she remained largely unseen by the cameras. Nick Hunter He finished 36th out of 90 starters in his first race at the Men’s European Championships.

Jagger ran the 9,000 metres, which had to be completed in six laps, in 31:30 minutes. The gap with winner Schrupp was 1:13 minutes. Penzberger was the second best German in a field full of the best racers. Among the DLV team, only Davor Aaron Bienenfeld (SSC Hanau-Rodenbach) ran faster, finishing 14th in 30:48 minutes.

With the result of Maximilian Thorwirth (31:31/39th place) from SFD 75 Düsseldorf Süd, he achieved seventh place in the team standings. Filmon Teklebrhan-Berhe (33:40/69) from LAC Freiburg completed the DLV men’s team. German cross-country champion Markus Jörger (LG Karlsruhe Region) had to cancel his participation in the European Championships at short notice due to illness.

A three-way battle for the silver medal in the men’s race

In the race, Jäger was only six seconds behind the leader after the first lap. As a result, it always fluctuated between 45th and 35th place. After the third lap, at the halfway point, Jäger was 27 seconds behind the leader. At the front a group of three formed around eventual winner Shrub. In the fourth and fifth sessions, Jagr lost the most time to the athletes running in front. In the end, a three-way battle for silver broke out behind Shrub. The Norwegian Magnus Tove Myhre came in second place (30:20), while the Belgian Robin Hendricks (30:22) took the bronze, who is still far behind the British Hugo Milner (30:27), who was in the lead.

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Nick Jäger has already seen several international cross-country tournaments in a German jersey as a youngster. Penzberger made his debut in 2017 at the European Championships in Samorin (Slovakia) – where he finished 51st in the U20 Championship.

A year later, he excelled in Tilburg (Netherlands), finishing ninth in the singles; With the DLV team he won a bronze medal in the U20 category. Jäger also won team bronze in March 2022 World Student Cross Country Championships in Aveiro (Portugal). At the time he ranked 13th in singles.