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The Pokémon Company announced yesterday Surprisingly, a completely new update released for new pokemon snap This expands the core game with many new content. In addition to the advertising trailer, the Japanese company has now entered into press release A little closer to the content. In Germany, a new Pokémon Snap update can be released August 4, 2021 at 3:00 am It can be downloaded for the Nintendo Switch at night from the Nintendo eShop. ATTENTION: If you want to be surprised by the update and its associated content, you should not continue reading the news under the trailer – this is a quick ad Spoilerwarnung!

The update has the following new content in its baggage:

In general, withhidden path“,”big river” And “arid arid“Three completely new regions have been unlocked in New Pokémon Snap, which can be visited both during the day and at night. In the three regions, not only are the famous Pokémon from the Lentil region waiting for you to discover and catch them in a snap, but also as a whole 20 new pokemonthat have not yet been spotted in the game. the Official descriptions We’ve listed the areas from the press release for you – closely followed by new areas shots In the game gallery:

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  • Hidden Path (Day/Night) – On this path, the Neo-One shrinks to a small size, which is why a huge Pokémon will appear there. Here, players can hear Pokémon breathing and moving, and discover new behaviors from familiar Pokémon.
  • Big River (day / night) – The Great River supplies the entire island of Pylos with nutrient-rich water. Players will conduct their research on the river themselves, so watch the rapids while searching for Pokémon and try to keep the camera steady so you don’t miss a shot.
  • arid arid (day / night) – In this region, players explore the wasteland of Volka Island, which has been plagued by the dry desert winds. It has a variety of features, ranging from swamps that emit toxic gases to geysers. Pokémon can hide underground or among rocky cliffs, so players should pay attention while exploring.

New Pokémon Snap Gallery

Are you excited about the new content in New Pokémon Snap?

Source: The Pokémon Company press release