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New photos show Tesla Cybertruck prototypes up close >

Like the new Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin, the Model Y is also supposed to be produced in the US state of Texas, and it appears that serial production is about to begin on both. However, in Texas, more is planned, as CEO Elon Musk declared when announcing this site in the summer of 2020: You It will also produce a Tesla Cybertruck and Semi. There are currently no known exact dates for these two Teslas. But at least the Gigafactory in Texas is already dealing with the Cybertruck, because images of the revised prototype have now emerged from there. to update: The car was apparently brought by a truck, see below.

Electronic truck in new giga factory

CEO Musk hinted occasionally that the series’ Cybertruck wouldn’t look exactly like a prototype introduced in November 2019. In December, there was also a first glimpse of what it might mean specifically: The Tesla factory site in Fremont has become a new prototype Filmed with some modifications. Particularly eye-catching and perhaps a privilege to the scoring bases: Unlike those in the presentation, this Cybertruck had outside mirrors and windshield wipers, and in both cases it was pretty massive.

These items can also be seen in the now apparently seen Internet truck for a group of Tesla workers at a Texas plant. So it can be the same prototype or a more developed prototype in this direction. According to a Twitter user, the two photos first appeared on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum Posted, from a friend of his who works in a Texas factory. One of them shows the car itself only in a hall, and in the second several people intensively examine its details.

Overall, the Cybertruck looks a bit more civilized than the 2019 original in the single photo taken from the front. The front looks a little rounder and shorter. To some, it gave the impression that Tesla was under it Huge frunk like Ford F-150 Lightning absorb. Exterior mirrors and a large single-arm wiper also suggest that this prototype is closer to serial production – CEO Musk explained after the first aerial photos from Fremont that more elegant solutions to this were difficult.

An update from this week’s Tesla chief

Apparently, the Tesla Cybertruck won’t actually get door handles. Musk has already confirmed that, and none of it can be seen on the prototype at the Gigafactory Texas either. A solution like the new Tesla Roadster should come here, which opens by swiping on the B-pillar. However, the wheels look significantly different than before, as can be seen even better in the new photos than in the drone view: instead of studded tires Roughly speaking, the Cybertruck has relatively regular (albeit bulky) tires and no plastic cap on the wheel rims.

Update: After the first images, videos of Cybertruck evaluation have also been posted on Twitter. Among other things, they allow a closer look at the loading area. The circumstances under which the recordings were made remained unclear at first. Gigafactory observer Joe Tegtmeyer explained at least that the Cybertruck prototype had been brought to Texas in a closed truck the day before.

These notes and other details have sparked curiosity about what the final production of Cybertruck will look like – and of course with the goal of raising the question of when it will be available. Tesla chief Musk has to say something about this when he gives information on the past fiscal year on Wednesday. The latest rumor is that The first Cybertrucks not built this year will. One analyst also raised the possibility of two different versions of the Tesla Pickup.