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New Lab Edition for FRITZ! Box 7590 AX, 7590 and 7530


AVM has released a new beta firmware update for FRITZ! Box 7530, 7590 and 7590 AX. Provides the tested version of FRITZ! OS, among other things, search for a keyword in the menu item “Help and Info”. In addition, it is now possible to manually configure WLAN channels independently of the maximum channel width (5GHz band).

MAC filter lists are specified with up to 128 entries. AVM has also updated the parental control lock page layout ( In addition, it may occur that the WLAN channel width is not deactivated when the WLAN band is deactivated. In telephony, incoming calls are now accepted again without any problems. Incorrect display of the “LAN / WAN” connection in the overview of telephony devices is also history. More information about the current tested version of the firmware and download can be found over here.

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The German manufacturer released a new one last week FRITZ LAB! OS for FRITZ! Box 6850 LTE. The 6850 LTE beta firmware contains an IP block list for incoming packets. There are also many improvements and bug fixes. This includes, among other things, increasing the download speed for guest access. DNS detection and termination event messages are now more accurate. MyFRITZ’s IPv4 address is also blocked from being published! Net on dual stack connections with bus-class NAT. MyFRITZ address is always resolved! Here as an IPv6 address.

There is now a new message under System/Events when a new session key is negotiated (connections based on the WPA3/SAE standard). The manufacturer has improved radar detection (5 GHz band) and automatic WLAN channel function. Improved automatic channel selection on the 5GHz band in the event of radar interference is also part of the update.

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