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Die Belegschaft von Kalypso Media im Juli 2022 (Foto: Kalypso Media)

Calypso Media: 16th Birthday Party

Kalypso Media’s workforce in July 2022 (Photo: Kalypso Media)

Almost all 200 Kalypso Media employees were able to take part in the summer party, which also saw the success of the tennis game. rendezvous point celebrate.

The pandemic recently prevented Kalypso Media employees from getting to know each other in person – until July 22: as the workforce gathered on Friday to celebrate together at the traditional “group meeting” – also with the aim of achieving commercial success for the novelty. Match point: Tennis Championship, which has been available for PCs and consoles since July 7. Including retail and Xbox Game Pass, the sports game brand has racked up more than 700,000 sales, downloads and streaming, according to the company.

Founder and Managing Director Simon Hellwig: Exactly 194 people currently work for Kalypso at ten locations in five countries. We usually have a so-called “group meeting” at least once a year, where all employees get together, participate in workshops, define strategies for the future and get to know each other. We are celebrating our 16th birthday this summer and are very happy that we were able to gather almost the entire team on site.”

Annika Thon, Co-Managing Director: “In recent years, especially during the pandemic, we have continued to grow strongly. We have a new publishing branch in Japan and new studios in Germany – Claymore Game Studios in Darmstadt and Nine studios worlds In Munich – Established our US office, moved to Seattle and expanded the independent games brand Kasedo Games in Leicester. So it was important for us to combine business with pleasure.”

Kalypso Media is one of the largest game publishers in Germany. The focus is on strategic game brands such as tropicalAnd the ordersAnd the Port Royal or Railroad Empire.