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New feature provides additional protection

New feature provides additional protection

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WhatsApp scams are not uncommon. Meta has integrated two functions into the messenger which now aims to make it more secure.

Bremen – many users may have experienced this themselves: WhatsApp scams No longer an exception – For some numbers, you shouldn’t answer the phone anyway. The desire for data security is greater than ever among consumers. Internet company Meta has now integrated two new functions into WhatsApp aimed at making calls via Messenger more secure.

“Data protection benefits” and “security”: WhatsApp gets two new functions

In one Message from Meta The new feature is called “Mute Unknown Callers.” This aims “not only to suppress spam calls” but also to prevent cyber attacks. Once the setting is activated, incoming calls from unknown numbers will no longer appear on the phone. “We introduced this feature because it not only provides privacy but also provides security benefits.”

He continues: “Because we carefully developed this feature to reduce the attack surface and external data processing, we can help protect users from cyberattacks and spyware as well.” In addition, WhatsApp got a new function at the end of October called “IP address protection during calls.” It’s now possible Two WhatsApp accounts on one mobile phone to have.

WhatsApp’s new function ensures that “other participants do not see your IP address”

Most communication products today will have a peer-to-peer connection between callers. A direct connection will ensure faster data transfer and call quality, but it also means that participants must know each other’s IP addresses. Therefore the IP addresses are visible to both callers.

WhatsApp users can activate a new security function aimed at making communication more secure. © Karl Josef Hildenbrand/DPA

The new function aims to hide the IP address from the other party in the conversation by routing calls through WhatsApp servers and not transferring them directly from user to user: “This ensures that other participants in the call do not see your IP address and,” the company said, “so we cannot extract Inferences about your general geographic location.”

New functionality on WhatsApp: Users must activate security aids themselves

However, when users update their WhatsApp application on their smartphones to the latest update, this does not automatically mean that the two new functions have been activated. Through the settings in the WhatsApp application, users can access the “Data Protection” tab. Using the “Calls” sub-item, users can “Mute calls from unknown people”. The “IP address protection during calls” function can also be activated under “Advanced”.

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