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New details about Pokémon Legends: Arceus • Nintendo Connect

New details about Pokémon Legends: Arceus • Nintendo Connect

Even if now is the time for the official preview reports too Pokemon Legends: Arceus Ho, which will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022, the rumor mill is pretty much boiled over. So we take here a bunch of information on TwitterOriginally from Twitter users and leakers Riddler_Khu Come.

After we last worked with The unveiling of the diamond and pearl clan About official information about Pokemon Legends: Arceus You mentioned, we are now diving into the deep swamp of the rumor mill, which is why we cannot guarantee that the following information is correct. Neither The Pokémon Company nor Nintendo nor Game Freak have announced or confirmed anything in this regard.

We are not a month away from publication A semi-open world role-playing game. What do the new leaks tell us? Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Dialga and Palkia were already in the fourth generation reproduced, Pokemon Radiant Diamond And Pokemon Luminous Pearl, in the center. in a Pokemon Legends: Arceus So it is primarily about the name Arceus. However, he says we must complete Hisui Pokédex first before we can deal with Arceus.

Hisui’s new skin from old Pokemon

It’s also been around for some time List From confirmed and purported forms of Hisui online. Accordingly, players should be able to look forward to Hisui’s new developments for Snibel, Orsaring and Baldorvish. There will also be new Hisui skins for the Arktilas, Dressella, and Viscoras development series, as well as the ultimate evolutions for the novice Pokemon.

The two clans are rival groups – they hold opposing beliefs about a deity known as Sinoh the Great. Dialja and Balkiya are said to be “Snouh the Mighty”. So it is the deity after which one will rename the Hisui region in his years, as we have already done Pokemon Diamond And Pokemon Pearl know and love. All Legendary Pokémon must be presentable in ‘Boss Battles’ and not roam around wildly like regular Pokémon. here they are So-called kings or queens Like Axantor. In the Hisui region, special minerals ensure the evolution of Sichlor into Axantor.

Pokemon without hidden skills

In addition, in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, as already in the Pokemon: Let’s go, Pikachu! And Pokemon: Let’s go, Evoli!The abilities of Pokemon and wearable devices have been removed. Pokemon breeding should also be abandoned. No wonder: the residents of the Hisui region still lack experience in dealing with Pokémon. In addition, you also have the main branch of the series if you want to breed rival Pokemon to fight with other trainers.

Hopefully there will be a promo soon as well Pokemon Legends: Arceus It will appear on YouTube, which hopefully will give us a better picture and possibly confirm or deny one of the alleged leaks.