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Activision is suing the company that distributes Call of Duty cheats

Activision is suing the company that distributes Call of Duty cheats

Activision Publishing, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, announced Tuesday Case against the engine Presenter.

The reason is that the company to cheat Call of Duty games are announced and other popular shooter games are reported online the edge. “Through this lawsuit, Activision seeks to stop the unlawful conduct of an organization that distributes and sells for profit various malware products intended to enable members of the public to gain an unfair competitive advantage (cheating) in COD games,” Activision said. “These ongoing activities are detrimental to Activision Games, its entire business, and the experience of the COD gaming community.”

The suit also states that the cheat software enables COD games to be manipulated for personal gain. For example, it automatically targets with weapons, detects where opponents are, and reveals information that gives game participants an unfair advantage. The defendants were also aware that their behavior violated Activision’s rights and “continued shamelessly”.

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Activision is also taking action against cheating players. In December, the developer of the shooter integrated an anti-cheat system called bouncing back. Shortly thereafter it was announced 48,000 cheater content” been banned.

According to the lawsuit, over the past year, the company has identified and banned hundreds of thousands of accounts that used COD game cheats.