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Naughty player in American adventure – Shakiri: “Americans love stars – no envy” – Sports

Naughty player in American adventure – Shakiri: “Americans love stars – no envy” – Sports


In an interview, the 30-year-old explains how he came to the United States and what he particularly wants there.

In early February, Xherdan Shaqiri left football in Europe and joined the Chicago fire in Major League Soccer in the United States. Now, a good 6 weeks since his transfer, the 30-year-old has returned to the “old continent”. He came with a little “tired legs” and jet lag in his bones. In the meantime, however, it was trained, Shakiri explains at the Natty camp in Marbella.

This is not the equivalent of European top-to-top football, however, you can not underestimate the status quo here.

Anyway, the Naughty player looks back with satisfaction at his winter change: “This is the perfect moment to go to Chicago. The plan convinced me, and that is the most important thing, ”he explains.

The beginning was successful in the United States

One step is not easy as he has missed most of the production in the new place. At the same time, he met high expectations. “But I knew it. I’ll try to help the boys with my experience,” was his motto.

Shakiri’s first MLS goal

Football is a bit wild, but very athletic.

If anyone talks about MLS in Europe, it still has the reputation of being the “Old Men’s League”. Shakiri strongly disagrees with this clichே: “It’s not comparable to European top-to-top football, but you should not underestimate the status quo here – but a lot of people do.” He was positively surprised by how the training went and the quality of the team.

“The league is getting better and better, with new great players coming in every year. Football is a little wild, but very athletic,” he notes of MLS football. The mix of South Americans (“they can play football”), young Americans and European players is exciting.

New quality of life: no jealousy, more peace

The sports city of Chicago is also exciting for Shakir. Pretending to be a boy who wanted to see new things, he took action to “learn American culture.” A culture that had already fascinated him. The veteran, who has played 100 games for the national team, emphasizes one thing in particular: “Americans like stars, but not jealousy. That’s my favorite first thing here.”

He also noted positively that he had more peace and tranquility than Europe. Although he is recognized in the United States, it is natural for him to say, “If you have played in big clubs and in tournaments you have seen around the world. But there are also Americans who only watch basketball, baseball or ice hockey. “He, too, was looking for some relief in his move.

However for the next few days that was the end. In the country, Shakiri will provide music for Test matches against England and Kosovo. When he returns to the United States, he will be able to “rock” the MLS, even if it is quiet and peaceful next to the pitch.