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My Life Hack for Great Throws – 3 Step Success Guaranteed

My Life Hack for Great Throws – 3 Step Success Guaranteed

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There are many throwing techniques in Pokémon GO. The most difficult are the so-called “fantastic” throws. With this new life hack, we guarantee its success.

SAN FRANCISCO – Pokémon GO has many different challenges in Field Research or Special Research that Niantic sets for players. In order to solve these tasks, it is often necessary to master throwing techniques relevant to the game. Now a resourceful player has discovered a trick with which difficult ‘cool’ throws can be easily mastered. We will tell you what you need to do for this.

Name of the game Pokemon Go
Version (initial publication date) July 6, 2016
publisher Niantic
series Pokemon
Platforms Android, iOS
Developer Niantic
Type Augmented reality, mobile

Pokémon GO: Lifehack for Amazing Throws – Video Reveals a Simple Trick

what is he talking about? In particular, the challenge of achieving an “impressive” 120 dignity is a time-consuming task even for experienced coaches. But now the attentive player has found a way around Pokémon GO’s difficult throwing technique.

Pokemon GO: Niantic finally brings the most desired feature to the game © Niantic / / Fadkhera Official / (montage)

The rating of your throw is usually based on where you hit the colored catch circle and the size of the circle. The color of the circle is not important for a great throw in Pokémon GO. To get a great throw, the circle should be as small as possible. However, with this life hack, it has become much easier. We’ve included the corresponding video for you here.

Pokémon GO: Lifehack for cool throws – this is how the secret technique works

How exactly does a life hack work? It is necessary to follow a few steps so that you can cheat your way to great throws. We’ll show you exactly what you need to do.

  • Tap the Poké Ball at the bottom of the screen
  • Then select the “Settings” menu item at the top right.
  • Then click “AR” and activate “Niantic AR (AR+)”, install the download if necessary.
  • Return to the general map and select the Pokemon you want to catch.

This is how the throw works in 3 steps: The technique in the video requires some practice, but after a few tries you will definitely succeed. Lifehacking is still much simpler than doing throws “normally.” To ensure a successful throw, follow these three steps.

  • Make sure the camera is facing down and that the circle is no larger than your screen.
  • When you reach the middle of the circle, throw the ball carefully. Make sure the circle is as small as possible.
  • Make a slight throwing motion, otherwise the ball will not be thrown and you can easily lose it.

Little hint: Don’t worry if you don’t succeed the first time and keep studying the technique on video. Practice makes perfect here too.

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