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Munich: Sendlinger-Tor-Platz has become cycling friendly - Munich

Munich: Sendlinger-Tor-Platz has become cycling friendly – Munich

The subway station at Sendlinger Tor has been completely renovated for five years. While the subway is gradually becoming more spacious and elegant, the traffic situation on the roof is especially perilous for cyclists. In and out of the city, only narrow strips are available to them. Disputes with drivers are programmed in this way, especially outside the city at the Sonnenstraße junction. There has always been a red bike lane here that motorists must cross to turn right. That should change in the future. When work on the subway station is expected to be completed in 2023, the surface will also be redesigned. On Wednesday, the city council’s mobility committee will decide on a new concept with wide, safe bike paths.

Since there is already enough space in front of the Sendlinger Tor, but it is traditionally owned by drivers. In the future, they’ll have to dispense with the left-turn lane (which is currently closed anyway) on their way out of town. So if you want to drive from Oberanger in the direction of Blumenstrasse, you have to turn into An der Hauptfeuerwache. Wider course tracks are also planned in Sonnenstrasse and Lindwurmstrasse, but only as a temporary solution for the time being. Management is still working on variants of the final design. “For Sonnenstrasse and Lindwurmstrasse, we are achieving viable interim measures until we implement the objectives of the decision on Radentscheid-Munich, the old town with few cars and Sonnenstrasse,” says Andreas Schuster, SPD City Council Member. In this way, we quickly have secure solutions without hindering future developments.

According to the old plans, the original condition on the roof should already be restored. This is off the table now. There will be restrictions for motorists due to the disappearance of lanes, which means that buses may get stuck in the backlog in the city center. However, the concept of a city center with few cars in the future envisions that it is difficult for any single motorized traffic to flow into the center and so the risk of traffic jams will become a thing of the past.

“The plans being discussed now are shaped by the spirit of traffic transformation,” says Green City Council member Gudrun Lux. In the future there will finally be more safety for weaker road users.