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More space for jewelry and watches in Lucerne

More space for jewelry and watches in Lucerne

It’s a perennial theme in Lucerne: the increase in jewelry and watch stores in the old town, at the expense of the often existing local shops. Particular emphasis is placed on the shops around Schwanenplatz, where the number of jewelry and watch shops has increased continuously in recent years. Another planning application has now been submitted to the Lucerne City Public Plan, confirming this development.

The jewelry store Cartier in Schwetterhofkoy is expanding its retail space. The existing Cartier part and the existing Max Chocolatier store will be extended on both floors
Merged into one two-storey Cartier store. The exterior of the facade is preserved, and only the existing Max Chocolatier entrance will be used as a shop window in the future.

The shop is located in the western wing of the Hotel Schweizerhof, which is classified as worthy of protection in the Inventory of Cantonal Buildings. So the conservation authorities of the cantons were called in to work on the front. Construction is expected to begin in September, then the converted store will move into the spring of 2022.

According to the building application, the redesigned shop mainly sells jewelry, watches and bags. In the future, luxury products, but without chocolate, will be sold at Schweizerhofquai across two floors. Chocolate lovers will soon have to find their luck on Hertensteinstrasse and Obergrundstrasse.

Max Chocolatier is now moving from Schweizerhofquai to Hertensteinstrasse (Zentralplus reported). On the other hand, the office and production moved to Obergrundstrasse. These rooms should also be available for private parties or company events, such as «Lucerne newspaper“Writes. The family business Max Chocolatier was founded in 2009 and has been in-house working at the Schweizerhofquai store ever since.