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Moch cannot follow Hennig

Moch cannot follow Hennig

16th place in Oslo: Friedrich Moch (IMAGO/JON OLAV NESVOLD)

Cross-country skier Friedrich Moch clearly missed out on first place in the famous 50-kilometre Holmenkollen race. In the classic in Oslo, the newcomer from Esni finished 16th on Sunday with Norwegian Johannes Høsflot Klabo winning. Five kilometers from the finish, Mokh lost contact with the leading group.

In front of tens of thousands of fans who were mostly peaceful, unlike the day before, World Cup winner Klabo led the Norwegian to five wins in his 80th career success ahead of Martin Lostrom Ningate and Pall Golberg, whom he beat. In the enemy. Last year, Norwegians ranked in the top ten. The Tour de Ski Second Moch was 54 seconds behind.

For Klapow this was Holmenkollen's first success. The record winner of the race, which was held for the first time in 1900 and at different distances at first, is the legendary Norwegian Thorleif Hoag, who achieved six victories between 1918 and 1924.

In the second edition of the women's 50's race on Holmenkollen (previously the race was more than 30 kilometers), Olympic champion Katharina Hennig excelled in third place and topped the podium for the third time this season in the dominant victory of Sweden's Frida Carlsson on Saturday. Victoria Karl came in ninth place.

The only two German winners of the Holmenkollen in the 1950s were Gerhard Grimmer (1970, 1971) and Rene Sommerfeldt (2004). More recently, Tobias Angerer made the men's podium in 2007 when he came in second place.

According to Norwegian media reports, it appeared that many fans misbehaved on Saturday in the absence of King Harald, who was ill. As Norwegian broadcaster NRK reported, various brawls broke out between drunken spectators and police were forced to intervene. The Red Cross treated a total of 130 spectators between the ages of 16 and 20 for injuries or other effects of alcohol.