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Migros daily sells collar that has expired for more than six months

Errors in the control process

Migros Cordon Blius sells out for eight months

A Blick reader reporter buys a frozen collardash at the Daily Migros at Zurich main station. After taking it, he was horrified to find out that the product had expired over six months ago.


Blick readers purchased this bundle of garland in Zurich at the end of September.

When the refrigerator of a Blick Reader Reporter (27) from Dietikon ZH was empty last Sunday, he and his wife headed to the main station in Zurich to buy something.

Upon arriving at Migros Daily, a quick branch of the giant co-op, the choice falls on the frozen garland. What was advertised on the packaging as “Chicken Délice” turned out to be not very pleasant later: “After eating it, we realized with horror that the chicken collar had expired over eight months ago,” a reader reporter told Blake.