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Migrate to graph APIs now: Microsoft will soon be shutting down EWS services

Migrate to graph APIs now: Microsoft will soon be shutting down EWS services

Microsoft has announced the end of the Exchange Web Services (EWS) API in Exchange Online and Microsoft 365. Accordingly, third-party applications will no longer be able to access the interfaces as of October 1, 2026. This affects the Java and .NET EWS SDKs, but does not It affects EWS in Exchange Server and also has no direct impact on Microsoft programs such as Outlook or Teams. It’s a goodbye in installments: Microsoft already announced in 2018 that it no longer wanted to provide feature updates for EWS.


However, there will still be security updates and “some non-security updates” for EWS, Microsoft wrote On his blog for the technology community.

Once again, as with its initial farewell in 2018, Microsoft is advising administrators and developers to switch to EWS’s successor, Microsoft Graph, to access Exchange data. Microsoft’s blog post explains how this works. However, as the Redmond-based company admits, some EWS functionality is currently missing from Microsoft Graph APIs. This includes, among other things, access to archived mailboxes, information about folders and user configurations. There are also other functional gaps between the two shows. Microsoft is working to close these issues, but cannot promise that all EWS functionality in Graph will actually be implemented.

In fact, there are increasing complaints from users in the comments about the end of the early warning service. They have already reported the missing functionality since the original announcement in 2018. Since then, Microsoft has made “no action on this front.”

Microsoft concludes the blog post by noting that its own approach is consistent with the shutdown of services guidelines. They also want to publish information regularly as the deadline approaches to make it easier for customers to switch to Graph APIs.


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