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Amazing results with the Ryzen SMT repair and our CPU conclusion

Amazing results with the Ryzen SMT repair and our CPU conclusion

Yes, it’s our fault. We even bothered CD Projekt Red to note that AMD processors with more than six cores suffer from a performance deficit. We succeeded in this primarily thanks to the PCGH community, which eagerly implemented the benchmarks on their own computers, but also through benchmarks from other communities in German-speaking countries. The problem is explained succinctly for anyone hearing this for the first time: Shortly after the release of Cyberpunk 2077, users on Reddit noticed that AMD Ryzen processors were not delivering their performance on the road. It soon became clear that the SMT threads were not being used correctly, while Intel processors did not have this problem. You can find the Reddit post from 2020 hereincluding old but still valid instructions on how to work around this issue (first comment).

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On December 19, 2020, CD Projekt Red released Hotfix 1.05, which was intended to address this issue. It ensures optimal use of standard cores/threads for quad- and six-core AMD Ryzen processors. Eight-core, twelve-core, and 16-core processors, on the other hand, remain unchanged and behave “as intended,” according to CDPR. This change was implemented in collaboration with AMD and is based on testing on both sides showing that the performance improvement only occurs on CPUs with six or fewer cores. The problem was born that everything with eight or more cores now had to be done without SMT threads. But now it’s over!