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Michael Gerber becomes Great Britain’s new television reporter

After training as an elementary and middle school teacher, Michael Gerber holds a master’s degree in history, political science, journalism and communication from the University of Bern and Freiburg. After graduating in 1998, he began his career as a regional and national editor of the Berner Zeitung. In 2001 he switched to the news magazine “Facts”, where he worked as the editor of the Bundestock building.

Michael Gerber has been with SRF since 2003: initially working as a French-speaking Swiss correspondent for four years from 2007 for the news program “10vor10” and as a television reporter in France from 2011 to 2017. Since returning to Switzerland, Michael Gerber has been the editor and co-ordinator of the International Television Press, co-producer of several series for “10vor10” and SRF News Digital.

He is now moving to Great Britain in the spring of 2022, and he will return to Switzerland to replace Henriet Engerson. Michael Gerber: “I look forward to this new challenge – with many major problems in a diverse country: after Brexit? How will the UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales go in the future – together or separately? How to do it? We see the future of the United States.” If Queen Elizabeth II retires one day from office and life, what about the Kingdom and the Commonwealth? Many wonderful topics that I look forward to. “

Reto Gerber, Editor-in-Chief of Overseas Television: “I am delighted to be sending such a talented journalist in London to Michael Gerber. ”