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Davis Cup Tigers: German men’s semifinals for the first time since 2007

  • Davis Cup, Quarterfinal
  • Game 1: Evans (GBR) – Gojowczyk (GER) 6: 2, 6: 1
  • Game 2: Nori (GBR) – Struff (GER) 6: 7, 6: 3, 2: 6

GBR (Salisbury / Skupski) – Germany (Krawietz / Pütz) 6: 7, 6: 7

2nd set: Germany to reach Davis Cup semifinals! Incomprehensible. What a tiebreaker. With the German doubles trailing 0: 5, get seven points in a row and get this tiebreak as well. They eventually defeated the British duo of Salisbury / Skubsky 7: 6 and 7: 6!

Sentence 2: Match Ball! Incomprehensible. Six points in a row for Germany!

2nd sentence: Five points in a row for Germany! 5: 5!

2nd sentence: Cravitz Super Return! Everything is back in order. 5: 4 for the English. Two extra charges for Pütz now!

2nd sentence: Germany is fighting again! 3: 5 only. Now suddenly the pressure on the British has returned.

2nd sentence: This is already very clear. British dominance in tiebreaker! 5-0. In the case of 5: 1, the pages will change after a while.

2nd sentence: 4: 0 Great Britain!

2nd sentence: Two strong returns on the British side. This is not good for German twins. 0: 3!

2nd sentence: The English submit. 1: 0!

German Double Force tiebreaker

2nd movement: Pütz on the web, then basically Krawietz. 6: 6! Breaking the balance!

2nd sentence: Rocking Germany! Suddenly after 40: 0 40:40!

2nd sentence: 6: 5 for strong Englishmen! Krawietz is now under pressure in service.

2nd sentence: Nice atmosphere in the hall even if there is no spectator. This is because both teams are constantly cheering their teammates on loudly.

2nd sentence: The 5: 5 balance is so easy!

2nd sentence: Butts with slip. Is that good! Three match balls for Germany.

Germany – Great Britain: Strong service games on both sides

2nd sentence: 5: 4 for Great Britain! The German double now serves against a set loss.

2nd sentence: Salisbury hits on an insane scale. The first continues well. 40:15.

2nd sentence: It continues like the first round. Gradually we are approaching the second tiebreak.

2nd sentence: Excellent service game provided by Skupski. Again leading to the English. Smells like a tie-break once again.

2nd sentence: Again Pütz scored so hard! From zero to 3: 3.

The German missed the double break

2nd sentence: Eventually the English also get the game. Germany missed out on a double century!

2nd sentence: Tried to compliment from Butts. A little longer. Game ball for the English.

2nd sentence: Now sniffing the German doubles break. 30:30!

2nd sentence: Both twins had no problems with their own service. Krawietz / Pütz Compensation.

2nd sentence: Great Britain is focused, however, bringing its own service game to zero. Guide to the English.

2nd sentence: But Butts faced many good first services. Compensation!

2nd sentence: The best first service game of the English! 1-0 lead defeat!

Exciting tie-break! The first set was captured by Germany

Sentence 1: Sentence 1 was taken by Germany! What a thriller in the first round. 12:10 at the end for Krawietz / Pütz!

1 sentence: Pütz’s excellent service. The fourth set ball is now available for the German doubles!

1 sentence: 10:10!

1st set: Set point for the British, fourth!

1 sentence: The scene continues. Exciting reactions on both sides of the network. 9: 9!

1st set: Third set ball for Germany!

1 sentence: What is the incredible first sentence here? Germany faced 8: 8.

1st set: The English have the next set point!

1 sentence: What a thriller! Expelled!

1st Set: Set Ball Germany!

1 sentence: 6: 6. Skubsky’s simplest mistake.

1 sentence: The return from Krawietz was excellent. 5: 6 and Pütz only serve.

1st set: Two sets of balls for Great Britain!

1 sentence: It’s impossible! Double mistake by Kravits. 4: 5 From a German point of view and service to Krawietz.

1 sentence: Two points in a row from the English. Everything reopens. 4: 4.

1 sentence: But then great revenue from Pütz and 4: 2. The pages also change.

1 sentence: Salisbury with great returns. The mini break is gone. 3: 2 for Germany.

1 sentence: Great start to Germany’s doubles tiebreaker. Mini break here. 2: 1!

The British soldiers defended themselves against Germany in the tiebreak

1 sentence: The British are defending themselves. It’s going to tiebreak!

1 sentence: Introduction! Germany is on the verge of winning the set here!

1 sentence: Cravitz puts everything at risk when he returns, but the ball lands in the net. Match ball for Great Britain.

1 sentence: Strong service. 30:30. The voltage increases.

1 sentence: Pressure on Great Britain. Cravits is on the first return. Then Super Service. Skubsky double mistakes. 3:30 pm!

Germany defends itself – the game starts after 0:30

1st Movement: Very Strong! Spiel Deutschland converts 0:30 to 30! 6: 5!

1 sentence: But now two good services from Butz. 30:30. This increases tension in the first flow.

1 sentence: Now the German double wobble. Twice as strong revenue from Salisbury. 0:30.

1 sentence: This is the hot phase of the first movement. Germany leads to zero, but the British directly oppose you in Service Salisbury. 5: 5!

1 sentence: But the English are doing better now. Skubsky invented his rhythm. 40: 0! After a while it was tied at 4: 4.

1 sentence: Strong surcharge from service to the outside world. Renewed leadership. If the Germans continue to serve like this they are sure to have a tiebreak.

1 sentence: Salisbury serves much stronger than its partner. The Germans had no chance of his service again.

1 sentence: However, you can not stop Krawietz / Pütz at your own service. Lead again.

1 sentence: However, in the end, both were good first services and balanced.

Germany doubles with a strong start

1 sentence: Now for the first time the English are trembling. 30:30. Germany sniffs the break.

1 sentence: Cravits was the best player in the early stages. Great reaction from the Germans on the Net and 2: 1.

1 sentence: But British with strong first service game. Cravits was really good at coming back. Still 1: 1 in the view of Salisbury and Skubsky.

1 sentence: The Germans are doing well here. Germany came to zero in the first game.

1st Movement: Let’s go! Kravitz works in the German doubles division.

7.30 pm: Welcome to FOCUS Online Live Ticker And for a decisive third game in the Davis Cup quarter-final between Great Britain and Germany. In the doubles, German dream couple Kravitz and Butts meet British Salisbury and Skubsky.

In the beginning, DTB player Peter Kojovsic lost to Daniel Evans 2: 6, 1: 6. After 55 minutes, the game was decided in favor of the desired Britain. John-Leonard Struff equalized for Germany in a serious match after three sets against Cameron Norie.