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MGG is investing and expanding despite the difficult economic period

MGG is investing and expanding despite the difficult economic period

the Müller-Gutenbrunn Collection It responds to the current global economic situation with non-cyclical investments and expansions, and the future outlook is positive. A new delivery center is being built at MGG Polymers and existing extrusion machines are being expanded. MGG Metran is significantly increasing its capacity options.

In the business district of Kematen an der Ybbs, the companies of the Müller-Guttenbrunn group continue to grow steadily. | Photo: MGG

For Günter Panowitz (Managing Director of MGG Metran), the use of artificial intelligence is still something of the future, but it is certainly conceivable. “Machines with cameras that work similarly to the human eye will take us one step further. “We will make room in our halls for sorting robots of this kind,” Banowitz immediately comes up with a new plan. For the following reasons: This is how MGG works!

More progress towards the future

“We must not make the mistake of seeing only the economic phase and overlooking permanent changes,” explains Günter Hogerl, Managing Director of MGG Polymers. “Plastics have found their place in the materials world and will expand it. Compared to other materials, recycling and reusing plastics still has huge potential,” says Hogerl, painting a positive picture for the future.

Günter Panowitz, Managing Director of MGG Metran, agrees. “We have no reason to bury our heads in the sand, quite the opposite. We have big visions that need to be realized. “We therefore continue on our chosen path towards the future.”

MGG Polymers 2030 Growth Strategy

MGG Polymers, the plastics recycling centre, is pursuing a multi-year investment programme, internally called “Growth Strategy 2030”. Worldwide, only about 9% of plastics used are currently recycled. This share must be increased, something MGG Polymers is working on relentlessly. Of course, the “circular economy” pioneers also assume that recycling rates will increase significantly in the future. This, combined with the increasingly diverse requirements of polymer customers, means that greater capacities will be necessary in the future.

A new delivery center is being established at the MGG Polymers site, which will provide, among other things, additional storage space.  |  Photo: MGG
A new delivery center is being established at the MGG Polymers site, which will provide, among other things, additional storage space. | Photo: MGG

MGG Polymers already produces around 60 types of customized products for customers with its composite systems – by adding various additives to the base plastic in question. In order for us to maintain delivery capacity with such a wide range of products, an appropriate level of inventory is required, which in turn requires space. “We have long seen that we need to restructure ourselves and improve construction technology,” explains Günter Högerl. “We need more space for recycling and composting, but also storage space for our products so we can ensure the safe delivery of all plastics to our customers.”

The complete package from MGG

These necessary framework conditions to ensure “more” recycling are currently being worked on. To improve internal operations, volume flows (incoming and outgoing materials) are reorganized within the company premises and additional storage space is created. The first construction activities for the new delivery center at the MGG Polymers site have already begun. The new center will be ready for operation in the spring of 2024. This will make it possible in the future to do without renting external storage space, as is currently the case. A number of loading silos will also be built to deliver products to customers using silo trucks. Also in 2024, it is planned to expand the four assembly lines (extruders) currently in use.

“What sets MGG Polymers apart is that we offer a complete package, not just plastic granules in one container. We have been offering our customers factory test certificates and many other certificates for years, supporting further processing on machines and offering aspects Especially for quality.” “Ultimately, this is what sets us apart from other providers.”

MGG Metran needs more space

Müller-Guttenbrunn’s second company in Kematten – MGG Metran – also needs more space. Within the framework of a total investment package of 10 million euros, an additional hall with a floor area of ​​2,000 square meters and a height of approximately 15 meters will be built in the fall of 2023. In order to operate sustainably in energy production, photovoltaic panels will be installed in the new “Hall 10”, with a total production Up to 600 kilowatts. In addition, in the heating zone there is activation of components using heat pumps. Construction work in the hall is progressing in full swing.

“We expect to be able to start setting up our machines in the middle of next year,” says Günter Panowitz, Managing Director of MGG Metran. 50% of the newly created area has already been planned, because a new composite materials processing plant will be installed in Hall 10, which is scheduled to begin operations in December 2024. “This system will be able to detect molecules much smaller than the devices we use “The smallest is from 0 to 0.2 mm,” says Günter Banowitz, looking forward to expanded separation options.

With “Hall 10”, MGG Metran’s capacity options will be significantly expanded. | Photo: MGG

But the machinery and systems in the existing MGG Metran halls are also being reassembled in order to achieve greater efficiency. Infrastructure such as electrical systems must be adapted or newly installed, such as a third transformer. Other systems and machines have been put into operation or will be put into operation in the near future, including an X-ray fluorescence separation system for grain sizes of four millimeters. “We are particularly efficient when processing aluminum sandwich panels, for example,” explains Metran Managing Director Banovitz. If all goes well, the system will be up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.