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Mexico: Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion

Mexico: Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion


“Victory Women’s Day” – Abortions are no longer illegal

The Supreme Court of Mexico declared the corresponding paragraph of the Penal Code invalid. Women in Mexico welcome the decision.


“Abortion shall be removed from the criminal code,” says a sign in Mexico City’s Zocalo Square. The photo was taken on International Women’s Day.


  • In Mexico, abortion is now legal across the country, the Supreme Court has ruled.

  • Some states in Mexico still criminalize abortions.

  • Women’s rights organizations welcomed this step.

The Supreme Court of Mexico has Miscarriage It has been criminalized nationwide. On Wednesday, judges ruled that relevant sections of the criminal code that criminalize abortion no longer apply. The “legal regime that criminalizes abortion” is unconstitutional because it “violates the human rights of women and people with the ability to conceive,” and the court justified its ruling on Platform X, previously Twitter.

Many users on social media welcomed the decision. “Today is the day of victory and justice for Mexican women,” wrote the Mexican National Institute of Women, a government organization, on X Day. The ruling is a “huge step” towards equality. The Selected Reproductive Information Group, known as GER, said neither a pregnant woman nor medical personnel could be penalized for having an abortion.

Two years ago, the Supreme Court in a northern state ruled that abortion was not a crime there. However, some countries continued to criminalize abortion.

The decision contradicts developments in the United States

In recent years, restrictions on abortion have been eased in many Latin American countries. This development is sometimes referred to as the “Green Wave”, a reference to the green headscarves worn by many women demonstrating for abortion rights in the region. Argentina was a pioneer in legalizing such interventions in 2020. Mexico City It was the first Mexican city to decriminalize abortion in 15 years.

The changes in Latin America contrast sharply with the growing restrictions on abortion in parts of the United States. There have already been reports of American women asking Mexican abortion rights activists for birth control pills.

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