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Mario Golf: Super Rush - reviews at

Mario Golf: Super Rush – reviews at

Mario and his friends become athletes again in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Does the game land in one hole or just a ghost?

Mario’s sports activity is well known: he regularly participates in football, tennis and even the Olympic Games. Seven years later, it’s finally time to play golf again – Mario Golf: Super Rush is here. We collected reviews of critics – and played ourselves a few rounds …

Critics’ opinions differ somewhat, but the majority are positive. On Metacritic The game has a rating of 72 in explicit It’s almost the same at 73 (as of July 2). While ribbed Super Rush finds the best Mario Golf since N64 IGN Especially the narrow content of the game.

Example: The game offers only six golf courses. In the N64 version there were eight. The numerous characters you can choose from leave little to be desired: in addition to famous athletes like Wario, Peach and Luigi, there are also a few newcomers like Pauline and Rosalina. Many critics were disappointed with the adventure mode, where you have to pass many challenges with Mii in order to improve your golf skills.

Multiplayer highlight

The situation is short-lived and somewhat monotonous. Critics agree that the game’s true strength lies elsewhere. In multiplayer mode: Mario Golf: Super Rush is the most fun with friends – both in normal mode and in the new Speed ​​Golf mode, where everyone competes in golf.

If you want to increase the challenge, you can switch to motion controls. Overall, the game works somewhat like the latest Mario sports game, Mario Tennis Aces, which was released about two years ago. The same developer behind the two games: Japanese studio Camelot.

Our Editorial Board He naturally wanted to see for himself what new Mario golf is good for – here you can see the highlights:

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