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Mandatory shops due to bird flu: Free eggs are no longer available from Great Britain

Tuesday, March 22, 2022 | 16:25:34

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03/22/2022 | 04:14 | Avir fever

LONDON – Free eggs are no longer available in Great Britain due to the biggest outbreak of bird flu to date.

Egg production

Chickens trapped inside chickens by bird flu: UK no longer has free eggs. (c) Planting

Across the country, chickens should be kept in cages from late November 2021 to control the disease. Poultry farmers were initially allowed to retain free-standing status. However, a four-month transition period ended on Monday, according to a London ministry spokesman.

The packaging must now have the appropriate stickers and supermarkets must notify their customers of the change. The ministry has announced that relief will be provided to the affected farmers. 55% of eggs sold in the UK are free.

Cases of bird flu


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