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“Space already competes”: Australian Air Force targets space

“Space already competes”: Australian Air Force targets space

“Space already competed”
Australian Air Force targets space

Australian Defense Minister Dutton says space is gaining importance on a military basis. The newly established “Defense Space Command” aims to protect the interests of the country and its allies in the future.

Australia is constantly expanding its military capabilities and has launched its own space command. Defense Minister Peter Dutton has said the new Defense Space Command will be part of the Australian Air Force. “Space is becoming increasingly congested and already becoming more competitive, especially as the lines between competition and conflict are increasingly blurred by the activity of the gray area,” he said.

In this century the universe will gain more and more military significance. “This is a field that should be used to prevent aggression rather than becoming a new conflict.” Dutton, however, said the Australian space command would initially be modest compared to the military units of some allies.

Germany added the Bundeswehr space command to service in July 2021. “It helps compile the Air Force’s capabilities and capabilities and the Internet and information space,” says the Bundeswehr website. This should make the armed forces more stable.