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Luna Schweiger: Here’s What You Say About Adopting Kevin Von Anhalt

Luna Schweiger is now defending herself against the allegations of Friedrich von Anhalt

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The mood between Prince Friedrich von Anhalt and his adopted son Kevin Vatter. He’s even considering reversing the adoption process. Kevin’s girlfriend Luna Schweiger is now talking.

Between Prince Friedrich von Anhalt, 78, and his adopted son Kevin, 28, the blessing of the house has been crooked. The football player from Sonthofen has officially belonged to the Prince family since December. Recently, there was good news from Kicker, because he fell in love with Luna Schweiger (25), daughter of actor Til Schweiger (58). However, dark clouds now loomed on the horizon.

Because Frederick is not in good spirits with his adopted son. Originally, the two men agreed that Kevin would take care of the legacy of Frederick’s late wife Zsa Zsa Gabor (1986-2016). “It seemed appropriate and he also promised in court that he would take care of the assets and Ghabour Island,” the widow told Bild newspaper.