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Sylvie Mays reveals her beauty interventions

“I see once or twice a year that I still need to improve.”

Sylvie Mays reveals her beauty interventions

Sylvie Mays talks candidly about her interventions in the field of cosmetology. The argument revealed treatments that depend on it.

Publication date: 12:00 PM


Updated: 1:19 PM

Smooth skin, fresh look: this is how Sylvie Miss (44) is known. As the curator has now revealed, it also helps with her appearance. In an interview with “Bild” she revealed, “Once or twice a year I see what I still have to improve.”

The German newspaper itself told about the treatments based on it: “I use hyaluron fillers on my face. On the cheekbones, lips and jaws. I want to look naturally beautiful and achieve a natural result.” Because a woman should live life with confidence.