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Ludwigsbrücke and Rosenheimer Platz – this will happen in Au-Haidhausen in 2024

Ludwigsbrücke and Rosenheimer Platz – this will happen in Au-Haidhausen in 2024

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Ludwigsbrücke remains a building site. © Katrin Hildebrand

While some projects are still being planned, some projects in O-Heidhausen are also being completed. Here's what 2024 holds:

O-Heidhausen – Finally something happened. Jörg Spengler (The Greens), head of the Library of Alexandria at Au-Haidhausen, could be happy with some improvements in the area. Unfortunately, the discomfort persists.

Jörg Spengler
Jörg Spengler © Private

“Go” to the pedestrian area, Rosenheimer Platz S-Bahn will be opened soon

• Rosenheimer Platz: The eastern and southeastern entrances to the S-Bahn have been closed since May 2021. Anyone coming or going there from Weißenburger or Balanstrasse must cross busy streets such as Rosenheimer to get to the lower level. “It is still unclear to me why these entrances are closed,” says Spengler. A railway spokesman told Hello news: “In the current situation, we assume that the area will be completed in the spring of 2024,” and then the entrances will be closed as well. Accessible again to the basement.

S-Bahn entrances will open in 2024.
S-Bahn entrances will open in 2024. © Katrin Hildebrand

• Pedestrian zone: Should start in April: The temporary pedestrian zone that has been desired for years is being created between Weißenburger and Pariser Platz. The street and sidewalks will remain intact. Benches, bar gardens, plant beds, raised beds and parks were built on it. The testing phase of the new Oasis of Tranquility is scheduled to continue until approximately April 2025. At the same time, there will be car exemptions for residents. Cycling on the street at walking speed is permitted.

Opening in the future, planning is progressing

• Ludwigsbrück: “Construction work has been going on since 2020, and no tram has passed over it for a long time,” complains Spengler. “We look forward to the day when Ludwigsbrücke will fully reopen.” However, this will take some time. According to MVG, the renovation of buildings in the city and construction of the track by SWM has largely been completed. Now the supply lines must be returned to their original location and the communication line foundations must be built. In plain language: Tram traffic between Max-Weber-Platz and Isartor is not expected to start until spring 2025.

• Haidenauplatz: “Construction of the Orleanshöfe should start in 2025,” says Spengler. This is consistent with the client's plans, confirms Anke Figgen from investment company GVG Immobilien Service. Northeast of Haidenauplatz will also change. HypoVereinsbank's second headquarters is scheduled to be built there. The plan will be presented publicly at the beginning of 2024.

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