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"Let's Dance" star threatened with deportation

“Let’s Dance” star threatened with deportation

Ekaterina Leonova should be afraid again: the professional dancer loses her contract with “Let’s Dance” and is now on the verge of deportation.

The basics in brief

  • RLT has not renewed the contract of professional “Let’s Dance” Ekaterina Leonova.
  • Now the Russian mother has to worry about her residency in her adopted homeland, Germany.

What now? This is the question Ekaterina Leonova (34 years old) is currently asking herself. Because: your contract with RTLThe successful show “Let’s Dance” did not extend, as revealed by the newspaper “Bild”.

It is not yet known why the cult dancer was not allowed to work on the show. In the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 she won with her Celebrity dance partners Gil Ofarim (38), Ingolf Locke (63) and Pascal Haines (41). The following year, the native Russian citizen finally did not return Do this in the presentation.

Now the professional dancer faces a big problem: she needs to find a job ASAP! Otherwise, Ikat will be deported to Russia. This is not the first time that Leonova has taken care of her Residence permit in Germany You should worry. Therefore, the 34-year-old is now daring for a fresh start, the newspaper reported.

Would you like to participate in “Let’s Dance”?

The Business Administration graduate moves from Cologne to Hamburg with her 23-year-old cousin Maria. As the dancer reveals to the paper, she already has quite a bit Careers is expected. Accordingly, she will have two interviews in the near future.

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