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Kickers Offenbach in the live video: This is what Oceania does at Bayern Alzino

Kickers Offenbach in the live video: This is what Oceania does at Bayern Alzino

Kickers Offenbach meets Bayern Alzino.

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Kickers Offenbach will meet Bayern Alzino in the Hesse Cup. We report the game in the live tape.

Hisenbukal Quarter-finals Bayern El Zeno – Kickers Offenbach -: – (- 🙂

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Offenbach – For Kickers Offenbach, things continue in quick succession. There is no match day in Regionalliga Südwest during the week, but the quarter-finals of the Hesse Cup. And the coach Srito Restic’s team meets Bayern Elzenau, who is also in the domestic league and wants to win a ticket for the semi-final of the State Cup. The start of the match is Wednesday (April 28, 2021) at 5:30 pm in Alzenau.

Oceania: Hessen Cup vs Bayern Zenau

OFC has to handle an exceptionally high load in the current season. In Regionalliga, there are a total of 42 game days on the program and now Hessenpokal has been added as well. “We are taking it as it is and we are happy to be able to achieve something.” “The road is shorter than it was in the regular season,” Oceania coach Ristic said of the continuation of the National Cup.

There are no longer amateur teams in the competition, which is why they made it straight to the quarter-finals. Kickers Offenbach need three wins to qualify for the German Confederation Cup next season and thus achieve an important income for the club. “Of course we want to go to the final, if that is possible,” said Sriwistic.

OFC: Positive record against El Zeno in the league

The record clearly speaks for Kickers Offenbach, because in the league there were two clear wins (3: 0 and 3: 1) for OFC. However, the cup game differs from the daily league in Regionalliga Südwest. In Kickers Offenbach, Bayern will miss four players: Lucas Albrecht (running training), Mike Vetter (rehab), Francesco Calabrese and Vincent Moreno (both with ankle injury).

Oceania player Fetsch expects a tough fight against Bayern Elzenau: Fetsch “Some opponents have additional motives against us. We know what we can do. But first of all, it is about playing outside of a good system. Standard or not – it’s all part of football. We have scored eight goals in the last two games, we are strong in all areas. “