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Real Madrid is under pressure after the first leg

Real Madrid is under pressure after the first leg

Real Madrid – Chelsea 1: 1

Real Madrid and Chelsea were surprisingly divided in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final, with a 1-1 draw.


Real Madrid missed the Champions League semi-final against Chelsea for their introduction at home. The Spaniards should be content with a 1-1 draw in the first leg after a confused opening stage.

Chelsea took an early lead after Christian Pulisic’s start. Less than half an hour later, Karim Benzema equalized. No other goals were scored during the rainy periods at the empty alternative stadium. Ahead of the second leg on May 5, Chelsea are enjoying the benefits on their side, and at the same time every result remains open.

In the absence of captain and head of defense Sergio Ramos, among others, Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has been cautious. He relied on a defensive streak of three or five players – and he still has to watch his team, which has been unbeaten in 17 games, caught by surprise by the Londoners, who have been reinforced under Thomas Tuchel since January, at first.

Pulisic and Benzema provide the highlights

Tuchel started the same starting line-up at Chelsea as they did in the away win at West Ham at the weekend. Timo Werner left his first big chance in the tenth minute from five meters or defeated real goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois brilliantly. Four minutes later, Pulisic scored the visitors 1-0. A high ball was fired from Antonio Rudiger behind the poorly positioned Real’s line of defense, Pulisic had the space and time to take the ball, turn around Courtois and shoot past center back Nacho and Raphael Varane. Above all, Nacho, who let Pulisic slip away and then inadequately pursued him, failed to get a good character on the scene.

It was Karim Benzema who, in the beginning, made up for the one-sided events in the beginning. Ten minutes after conceding the goal, the Frenchman fired a long shot into the outside post out of nowhere, shortly afterwards after a corner kick that technically scored his goal of 71 in the Champions League to equalize. After extending a header from Eder Militau, he took the ball in the back with his header and completed a shot.

While the rain temporarily subsided, scoring opportunities became scarce and the pace more difficult. Neither side took any greater risks. At least in the second leg, the four yellow cards against Real Madrid and those against Pulisic had no effect.

Real Madrid-Chelsea 1: 1 (1: 1)

SR Makkelie (NED). – rip: 14. Pulisec 0: 1. 29. Benzema 1: 1.

Real Madrid: Courtois. Militao, Varane, Nacho; Carvajal (77. Odriozola), Modric, Casemiro, Kroos, Marcelo (77. Asensio); Benzema (92. Rodrygo), Vinicius Junior (66. Hazard).

Chelsea: Edward Mendy Christensen, Silva, Rudiger; Azpilicueta (66. James), Kante, Jorginho, Chilwell; Pulisic (66th Ziyech), Werner (66th Havertz), Mount.

Notes: Real Madrid without Ramos, Verland Mendy, Lucas Vasquez (all infected) and Valverde (Corona virus). Chelsea without Kovacic (injured). 23. After Benzema’s shot. Warnings: 27. Junior Vinicius (wrong). 38. Pulisic (Wrong) 60. Kroos (Wrong) 65. Marcelo (Wrong) 78. Varane (Wrong) 89. Odriozola (Wrong).

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