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After a long break: Raelert starts in the United States

After a long break: Raelert starts in the United States

After months of no competition, triathlon athlete Michael Reilert will start his first race of the season next Saturday. The Rostock will compete in the Ironman 70.3 race in St. George, USA. The 40-year-old endurance athlete will swim 1.9 km, cycle 90 km and run 13.1 km at the North American Open in Utah.


“I’m curious about what the race will feel,” says Raelert. “It’s an honor to be able to run again.” In the past few weeks and months, Michael Reilert has been looking forward to the season and especially in his hometown prepared. Trips abroad were canceled, and the focus was on training. Together with his brother Andreas, Michael Reilert tried to take advantage of the situation to the best of his ability.

After the compulsory break, the youngest of the Raelert siblings takes an endurance test with extra help to motivate them. The start menu is packed with many great names. I’m excited to see how the race will end. Favorite candidates include Lionel Sanders from Canada and the Americans, Rudolf van Berg, Ben Canute and Matt Hanson. Australians can also be trusted Joe Gambles or Sam Appleton, as well as Daniel Pickegaard from Denmark or Belgium’s Bart Earnuts.