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Kathy Hummels posted coded lines for her wedding anniversary with Mats Hummels

“Darn seventh year”

Kathy Hummels posts fuzzy lines on wedding anniversary with Mats

Rumors have been circulating for months that Kathy and Mats Hummels are breaking up. Neither the mediator nor the football player confirmed that. But on the day of the wedding, the influencer now posts a mysterious message.

Published: 06/16/2022 at 10:10 am

The chaos of love continues around Cathy (34) and Mats (33) Hummels. Last August, it was reported that the presenter and the footballer had separated. Since then, it has been repeatedly said that the BVB star flirts with other women. He was recently caught flirting with model Julia Nicola Gulli (27) in Mallorca. Kathy and Mats Hummels have not confirmed the split. For this, the influencer informs about her wedding day with a mysterious message on the network.

She spent the day with her husband and their son Ludwig (4). The moderator publishes three photos showing the family eating ice cream. However, the lines on it make you sit up and take notice. Kathy Hummels wrote: “Darn seventh year…in memory of June 15, 2015 loving.” In doing so, she not only alludes to a point in time commonly known as the year of the crisis, but also uses a formula often used at funerals. Did she finally bury her love for football players?