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Katharina Romberg jumps to second place in the Grand Prix with Koma

Katharina Romberg jumps to second place in the Grand Prix with Koma

Katarina Romberg and Koma at the 2023 European Championships in Milan ©

The start of the Olympic season has not gone as planned for Katharina Romberg and her number one. An infected tooth root had infected the twelve-year-old Westphalian and had to be removed – which ruined the tournament planning very early on. The duo performed well at the World Cups in Gothenburg (Sweden) and Gurla Minor (Italy), but it was not enough to be at the top. not yet.

Things are different now at the Tour of Tuscany in Arezzo. Not only is the six-week tournament series well attended in terms of numbers, but the starting field also includes some big names, including Steve Gerdat, Robert Whittaker, Philipp Weishaupt and many more. The highlight of the third week was the €56,800 50m 3* Tour Over 1 Grand Prix on Easter Sunday.

There were 13 obstacles with 16 jumps to overcome on the Boccaccio grass arena. The task was not easy, as it turned out. Of the 60 participants who qualified for the final of the Golden Round during the tournament week, only four were able to cross the finish line without any mistakes. There are also: Katharina Romberg and Koma. The gelding then proved his worth again in the jump, as the pair made no mistakes there either. His time of 38.89 seconds was the second best, with only Philipp Weishaupt (GER) and his veteran Kobe passing the short track – in 37.42 seconds. Another pair managed to pull off the double this afternoon, Pole Dawid Skiba on Odilon van het Bevrijdthof – although the two were much slower and only ran over the finish line after 43.75 seconds.

Christian Romberg is placed just outside the rankings. With a time of 73.87 seconds, the Vorarlberg native and his 10-year-old Zangersheide mare Tonic AZ were among the fastest ever in the basic round, and unfortunately, this top time was also accompanied by two falls, so they ended up in 16th place.

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