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Kate Middleton: She is not the only one who returns from the hospital due to problems

Kate Middleton: She is not the only one who returns from the hospital due to problems

You can't calm down! after King Charles III. And the daughter-in-law Kate Middleton After returning from the hospital, the royal family faces a real test.

Instead of being able to breathe a sigh of relief, the situation seems to be getting worse. An insider has now reported that the problems plaguing the monarchy point to a “shrinking ownership”…

Kate Middleton: You lose confidence

Royal“The working royals are exhausted and it will only get worse as the young heirs, George, Charlotte and Louis, grow up,” expert Jenny Bond warned GB News TV. It even forces the king to rethink. “Only the most impudent people would give Charles, Kate and William some time to get over these health concerns,” Bond adds.

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However, the king's decision to work with a small number of royal family members did not meet with widespread approval. Lady Colin Campbell emphasizes that charity is the backbone of the royal family and makes the people of the country feel that the royal family deserves it.

Journalist Jack Royston reveals that royal engagements had to be canceled and that the palace struggled to communicate information in a controlled manner. “It is reassuring to the public if it comes from the palace and is not leaked,” Royston asserts.

Kate Middleton: “More of this please!”

the solution? Bond suggests that the King and Prince William engage with charities via video link to maintain the public interest. “It's time to keep the royal family in the spotlight,” she pleads. “Can I have more please!”

Members of the royal family must act urgently to restore public trust. It remains to be seen how King Charles and Kate Middleton will deal with this challenge…